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The purpose of this club is to study, promote an interest in, and disseminate knowledge of Lapidary and various Earth Sciences including but not necessarily limited to geology, paleontology and mineralogy. It is the Club's purpose to provide education in these fields to its members and to the general public; particularly youth and student groups.

Rockhound of the Year

2018 Rockhound of year

2018 Rockhound of the Year
Philip Paul Ashmore

   2015 Rockhound of the Year  DSC00980 cmp  

           2016 Rockhound of the Year              2015 Rockhound of the Year         2014 Rockhound of the Year             2013 Rockhounds of the Year
                       Brian Beer                                            Jayne Beer                                  Carolyn Ashmore                              Mary & Roger Pittard

 2012 Rockhound of Year  2011 Rockhounds of the Year  no photo  2009 rockhound of year

2012 Rockhound of the Year     2011 Adult Rockhound of the Year - Stella Thiessen       2010 Rockhound of the Year            2009 Rockhound of the Year
Edward Dvorak                           2011 Youth Rockhound of the Year - Corey Beer             James Marburger                               Edward Ridge


General Awards

2018 Awards
2015 Awards
2014 Awards

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2014 Life Membership - Ed Ridge              40 Years of Service - Ed Ridge




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